Saturday, October 06, 2007

Surfing Oaxaca

I traveled to coastal Oaxaca with World Class this time last year. I liked it here so much that I decided to come back again for a surf mission with Hood River local, Todd Anderson. Todd and I are chasing waves before we meet up with a crazy crew of kayakers in Veracruz in about two weeks, and then we travel on to Chile for an endless summer of more surfing and boating. So far, the waves are amazing, the sun is strong and the tacos at El Chisme in Huatulco are still muy muy bueno.

Gabi, the owner of El Chisme, is dishing out some serious Mexican hospitality. He even tried to give up his daughter´s bed to Todd on the first night. I think she´s happy that we refused the offer. Because we are staying at their apartment in town, we´ve been operating as kind of a gringo shuttle service for some of the local surfers who work around here. Sometimes they eat our bananas, but it is nice to have some new friends who know all of sweet breaks.

We´ll try to keep the updates coming with more photos. Hasta proximo!

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