Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lots of Water in "Roadside" Alseseca

The "Roadside" section is a classic. It is stacked with clean slides and waterfalls. At normal flows, one might call this the perfect Class IV creek. At high flows, the holes are stompy and some of the drops are a bit more committing.
After taking off of the Rio Xico last week, we (Charlie Centers, Evan and Ian Garcia, Todd Anderson) drove through a nasty rainstorm to Tlapacoyan. The rains continued through the night, and we found a swollen Alseseca in the morning.
1) Evan Garcia airing it out before El Puente Tablazo
2) Ian Garcia feeling relaxed on his way into "the one with the log at the top."
3) Todd Anderson riding the tranny in "the one below the 20 footer."
4) Me dropping "the 20 footer." photo by Todd Anderson

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martin kraft said...

yo johnny 'burnt-over' groth. whats up man. roger sent me the link to the page, didn't know about it. sweet pics. sounds like good times. ill be sure to keep up with your adventures.