Monday, January 23, 2006

View from Pucon

photo by Juanjo

How to cook and eat a lamb in Chile

Jeff and I enjoying some quality meat at a birthday asado for Peruvian boater, Efrein (sp?).

photos by Juanjo

Good water on the Desahue

The Desahue is full of big holes and big boofs. Here you can see both.

photos by Juanjo

Tres Saltos

Tres Saltos is a tourist spot outside of Pucon where you pay a few bucks to look at some beautiful waterfalls. We thought it would be a better deal if we jumped in the water with our kayaks. These shots are from an evening run. Jeff´s second day kayaking in Chile up top, my 3rd time on the Tres Saltos below.

photos by Andres

These shots were taken after an evening run on the Desahue. You can see the Villarica Volcano in the background. Rodrigo and Jeff up top and Rodrigo and Juanjo below. Jeff is a sick boater from Southern Oregon. Pretty crazy that we didn´t meet each other until Chile.

photos by Juanjo and Jeff

Freewheel at the Ojos de Caburgua

This waterfall is a popular tourist site, and it happens to be on one of my favorite runs in Chile, the Rio Desahue. We were lucky enough to catch this river with lots of water this January, and it is loaded with quality Class V rapids. Here I am, mid-cartwheel.

photo by Juanjo

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Grilling with Rodrigo and Emma. These two are nice enough to let me camp in their back yard and give me a job. They own Kayak Pucon ( Rodrigo is one of the craziest kayakers I know.

photo by Juanjo

I finally figured out how to post some pictures! This is a shot of Juanjo and me on the Upper Liucura river outside of Pucon. Juanjo is from Spain, and he works as a safety kayaker here every summer. He makes a mean paella, too.

photo by Jeff