Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Busy living large at "The Lodge"

After a three week mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo with my Epicocity friends, I returned to the All Star Rafting "Beaver Lodge" on the White Salmon River in Washington. The Lodge has been my summer home in the Gorge for the last three years. It is a special place. It is our rafting center, a sort of shelter for vagabond kayakers, and a gathering place for those who are looking for adventure along the "Recreation Superhighway," 141 North. We are in the heart of the Northwest's best creekboating, rafting, longboarding, biking, and those who have visited might say we have mastered the art of chilling by the lake.

Summertime at the Beaver Lodge means rafting twice a day over Husum Falls, longboats on the Truss and Little White, longboards down the Husum hills and BZ Glenwood Highway, and stout waterfalls in the Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier wilderness areas.

A little morning sunshine.

I finally introduced the Hurricane to the crystal blue waters of the Little White Salmon. photo by Max Blackburn

Evan Garcia riding the lightning on Oak Ridge in Husum.

Evan from Wet Planet, ready for a traffic violation.

Sushi chef, kiter and Spirit bomber, John Boone loving the Lewis.

This is really happening. Evan Garcia busting a misty flip as Austin Rathman bombs Lower Lewis Falls. The Epicocity.

Kiwi Skux enjoying his stay in the Northwest.