Saturday, November 26, 2005

pucon to bariloche

so, it has been a while since the last update. i have suffered through some serious fever and illness, run some amazing creeks around pucon, and scared myself a little on a first descent in the lake district of chile.

the crew fired up the nevados run just outside of pucon a few times. it was epic. clean waterfalls, big cali-slide, super steep boulder drops, big holes, big fun. we would run it every day, but the call of adventure inspired us to move on.

we packed up the car to the max, said ciao to rodrigo and emma and headed south. torrential rains and snowmelt made crazy steep creeks completely unrunnable. we camped at some hotsprings. camped on some beaches. camped in the rain. we finally found an epic first-d on the nilahue. probably the biggest rapid i have ever run. trip´s blog has the complete rundown. i´ll write more about the experience later.

we are now in bariloche. the land of good chocolate and good meat. everything is really high right now, but the scenery is incredible, and we are having fun scouting potential runs. we have found an amazing hostel that is in the 10th floor penthouse of the tallest building in town. super fun. time to go kayaking.

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