Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome to the Northwest! Rodrigo goes to Metlako

Before making the trip north to the USA, Rodrigo told me he could return home happy if he ran Metlako Falls on Eagle Creek. It was one of our first stops of his month long trip. This was my 2nd run of the falls and the first for Michael and Rodrigo. We had a perfect level and rare sunny day for April. Just the three of us hiked up and paddled down to the car. As they say in Chile, "Filete!"

Rodrigo was a little concerned about the hike. photo by Michael Shields

Do you guys see a waterfall around here?

I love this place. photo by Michael Shields

It's a long way down. photo by Michael Shields

Rodrigo lined her up perfectly from the top. photo by Michael Shields

Yeah buddy!

The Stoutmaster prepares for freefall.

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