Sunday, March 30, 2008

Boat assisted surf adventure, Isla Cebaco

A body boarder and group of surfers from the cabins organized a boat trip to Isla Cebaco, one of the large islands off the coast of Panama. We arrived to find two other boatloads of surfers and a heavy, barreling wave the locals call "La Caja" - The Box. It was boxy and scary, and the take-off was directly in front of a pile of volcanic boulders. In our boat we left with one snapped board and a few scratches, but it was a great day on an amazing wave. I could only get a few shots from the boat, but the front of the wave looked even better.

The Captain. Word.

Yes, this wave breaks directly on and in front of a huge pile of rocks.

If you look into the mist, you can see someone taking an early exit.

"Did he make it?"

Enjoying the ride.

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