Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bienvenidos a Chile!

After about 48 hours of traveling...Todd and I finally made it to Pucon, Chile. We met up with Ross "The Boss" Henry, who was down here working for REI, and then the welcome wagon showed up. Rodrigo and Ema of Kayak Pucon and Oregon boater, Chris Korbulic, met us downtown and then we feasted on a classic Chilean asado.

The next day, Tao Berman, Philip Baribeau and Brian Lippy rolled into town to begin shooting for an episode of "Nomads." Rodriogo had already decided that the big one on the Tres Saltos would be a perfect drop to kick off the trip. An hour later we were geared up and the cameras were rolling. Low water made the drop a little more technical and bit scarier, but the boil at the bottom was nice and soft.

Asados and big waterfalls seem to be the theme of the trip so far. Stay tuned for many more photos of the goods we've found in just the first week here. Hopefully I'll be able to compress the photos from the last week of Mexico, too...

Hasta proximo!

photos by Ema
1) Me
2) Chris Korbulic
3) Tao Berman
4) Rodrigo Tuschner
5) Todd Anderson

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Aunt Joan said...

Happy Holidays John, we'll really miss seeing you, but it looks like you're doing what you love which is also important! You are one lucky dude and we'll keep in touch on your blog! See you at the wedding and keep your head above water! Love, Aunt Joan